Africarium is the only oceanarium in the world devoted to Africa’s wildlife. The facility houses 19 pools and reservoirs of a joint capacity of nearly 15 000 000 litres of water which present, among others, the coral reef of the Red Sea and Nile hipopotamuses. You can admire all this from an 18-metre-long acrylic tunnel. In Africarium,  you can also find an exhibition devoted to the Skeleton Coast in Namibia or you can also take a trip to the jungle surrounding the Kongo river, where you can find crocodiles and manatees – herbivorous mammals also called sirens.

Africarium also provides:

  • a conference hall for 160 people for commercial purposes– for rental
  • an education hall for about 30 people for educational activities carried out by the Wrocław Zoo
  • a bistro-style restaurant
  • a souvenir shop

The location of the car park is within 300m distance from the Africarium and thus allows for the possibility to park your car and reach this unique place quickly.

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