Our car park by the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw has been awarded the European Standard Parking Award (ESPA). This is the most prestigious award in the field of parking industry. The investment was designed and built in the framework of public-private partnership (PPP) Budimex Parking Wroclaw – a subsidiary of Budimex SA.
ESPA awards were established by the European Association for parking (EPA) to improve the quality of services provided to customers by the parking industry. The winning of the award was dependent on the assessment of the following investments: lighting, I / O area of ​​the parking lot, pedestrian routes, ramps, signs, equipment ensuring the safety and the comfort of use. Ceremony of the grant took place on 16 September during the first International Seminar concerning car parks in Krakow. The awards were presented by the Polish Organization of the Parking Industry – EPA representative in Poland. Budimex Parking Wroclaw company was represented by its president – Jerzy Angrocki and the member of the Management Board – Zbigniew Kamecki.
– We are delighted that our project, which was created in the formula of public-private partnership has been awarded such a prestigious prize. Moreover this is the first EPA award presented in Poland – is delighted president Angrocki.

ESPA is granted building construction public car parks that meet a number of quality requirements. European Standards Spaces provide customers with comfortable and safe parking.
Wroclaw’s car park is a part of a global trend of moving parked cars from the streets and city centers to a specially created parking lot infrastructures. On its three levels there are located 792 places, including 9 for the disabled and 20 for buses. Adjacent to the historic monument Centennial Hall, which allowed the release of cars located around the exhibition grounds. This is one of the few projects in Poland and the first in the Budimex Group realized in the framework of public-private partnership. Budimex Parking Wroclaw, a member of Budimex SA has designed, executed and financed the investments on behalf of Wroclaw Cenntenial Hall Enterprises Sp. o.o. and at the end of the concession contract, which is in August 31  2042, will be its operator. After this period the supervision over the object takes over the city of Wroclaw.