During the last two years, Budimex restored the Four Domes Pavilion in Wrocław to its former and utmost glory.
The historical building – entered in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2006 – was constructed in 1913 following the design of the renowned architect Hans Poelzig. A hundred years later Budimex commenced its renovation as per the requirements of National Museum in Wrocław.

Budimex completed the full scope of conservation works. The original functional outline of the building’s interiors was recreated as part the renovation process. Its façade was also renovated while the spacious courtyard was fitted with glazed roofing. An underground storey was added underneath the courtyard, housing the technical spaces.
The architectural and construction solutions applied allowed to increase exhibition space up to 6.2 thousand sq. m.
The area surrounding the Four Domes Pavilion also underwent transformation. Budimex renovated the area, including street furniture and fittings, and replaced the surfaces of existing pedestrian and pedestrian-vehicle routes.

The modernisation of this historical building cost PLN 66.6 million net.

source: www.budimex.pl